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Nature-based Solutions in a Changing Climate Conference

The conference brings together leading researchers from the social and natural sciences, engineering and economics with policymakers, civil society actors and business leaders to discuss the potential of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to meet societal goals in a warming world.

More about the event you can find here.

Connecting Nature Innovation Summit

The Connecting Nature Innovation Summit aims to explore how we shift to greener cities that deliver for their citizens using nature-based solutions. 

Read more about the event here.

The Nature Of Cities Festival

ReNature is participating the Nature of Cities (TNOC) Festival on 25 February. The event takes place in an online environment from 22-26 February 2021. 

More about the festival you can read here.

Second ESP MENA Conference

The topic of the session is Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services into regional, national and sectoral policies in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and is going to be a hybrid event. Participants are given the opportunity to chose whether they wish to physically attend the meeting, or take part virtually.

Find more information here.

3rd Ecosystem Services Partnership Europe Conference 2020

The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) is happy to announce that its third ESP Europe Regional conference will take place in Tartu, Estonia in September 2020.

The ESP Europe 2020 Regional Conference is part of the bi-annual cycle of ESP regional conferences around the globe. The Regional Conferences follow our World Conference of which the last ESP10 World conference in Germany hosted nearly 800 delegates from 65 countries. 

More information available here: 

11th International Conference on Innovation in Urban and Regional Planning (INPUT)

The 11th Edition of the International Conference on “Innovation in Urban and Regional Planning” will focus on how to integrate Nature-Based Solutions in urban and regional planning processes and science. The Conference will be hosted in 2020 by the University of Catania.

INPUT2020 will gather international scholars in the field of planning, civil engineering and architecture, ecology and social science, to build and consolidate the knowledge and evidence on NBS and to help an efficient implementation and replication of solutions.

Read more here:

Connecting Nature Enterprise Summit

Connect, learn and share your ideas about the challenges and opportunities facing nature-based enterprises at the Connecting Nature Enterprise Summit in Poznań, Poland.

Programme events include:

  • Roundtable discussion with European Commission representatives and policy makers on actions needed to support nature-based enterprises
  • Capacity building workshops for nature-based enterprises
  • Investment Forum and Pitch Event
  • Nature-based enterprise showcase and “speed dating” connecting businesses to cities planning to scale out and implement nature-based solutions
  • Most innovative nature-based enterprise awards in commercial and special enterprise categories
  • Poznań City tour to visit nature-based solutions in practice
  • Informal networking events at the Summit Beach Party and conference dinner

SURE 2020: 3rd World Conference of the Society for Urban Ecology 2020

Scientists, practitioners and policy-makers interested in relations between socioeconomic and ecological components of urban systems are invited to attend The 3rd World Conference of the Society for Urban Ecology 2020.

The leading concept of the SURE2020 conference in Poznań is to provide the welcoming forum for scholars, experts and business and administration professionals to present their research and discuss the ideas, concepts, experiences and different points of view.

More information can be found here:

IUCN World Conservation Congress

The IUCN World Conservation Congress has grown to be the world’s largest and most democratic recurring conservation event in the world, bringing the expertise and influence of its powerful membership to bear on the most pressing issues of the time. It is where the world comes together to set priorities and drive conservation and sustainable development action. The event has three main components: The Members’ Assembly, where IUCN Members vote on priority actions; the Forum, a global marketplace of conservation science and innovation; and the Exhibition, where exhibitors can showcase their work to Congress participants and the public.

At the last World Conservation Congress, in 2016, more than 10,000 participants attending the IUCN Congress in Hawaii, USA, shared the latest in conservation science, launched new initiatives and helped move 2015’s historic climate and sustainable development agreements into action.

Joint Symposium: Multiple Values of Nature

Joint Meeting of the British Ecological Society Journal, People and Nature, and the Valuing Nature Programme. The meeting will be an international, broad-scope, interdisciplinary event reflecting the ethos of both People and Nature and the Valuing Nature Programme. It will cover many aspects of the multiple values of nature and will broadly fall under three themes: Balancing Multiple Values: Opportunities and challenges, Values in action: Exploring processes of change and transformation, Beyond the Usual Suspects: Finding Diverse Support for Nature Protection. The meeting aims to foster cross-disciplinary research collaborations and inform the agenda in this growing and fast-moving research area.

World Biodiversity Forum 2020

2020 will see a new global biodiversity framework that will pave the way to achieve the 2050 vision of the Convention on Biological Diversity – Living in Harmony with Nature. This Conference will contribute to this vision.

ReNature Training Course 3 'Nature-based Solutions in Urban Planning'

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are actions inspired and supported by nature that have the potential to build resilience in cities, while also providing multiple co-benefits to urban communities and individuals. Examples include urban green and blue space, green roofs and walls, rain gardens, community gardens, sustainable urban drainage systems. The research into NbS is progressing rapidly, and there is a need to mainstream results into urban planning. This training course is aimed at PhD students, post-doc and research fellows, practitioners, and public officers interested in planning and designing NbS to address urban challenges.

The course, organized by the ReNature project, will upskill participants in: understanding the ecological foundations of NbS, assessing their impacts on ecosystem services and their socio-economic implications, identifying planning barriers and opportunities, applying key principles for NbS design.

CITIES Forum 2020

The CITIES Forum 2020 – "together we shape a sustainable urban future" is a two-day major event of the European Commission bringing together key stakeholders from European, national and local levels. The Forum is a place for all stakeholders to capitalise on common achievements and reflect on the future directions of urban development within Cohesion Policy including the future of the Urban Agenda for the EU.

European Business and Nature Summit

The European Business and Nature Summit is a regional stepping stone in the global run to strengthen the role of businesses in supporting nature conservation and its sustainable use. The specific objectives of the Summit are to provide:

  • A forum to share the most recent progresses made by businesses and financial institutions to better account for their impacts and dependencies on nature .
  • A forum to engage businesses in integrating biodiversity and natural capital and related risk and opportunities into their decision making and on methodologies to inform decisions.
  • A place to collect and celebrate actions, methodologies and commitments to generate net positive impact for nature by the business community feeding into a New Deal for Nature and People.
  • The EBNS will bring together representatives from businesses and financial institutions, but also governments and civil society to share best business practice and facilitate action to halt the loss of biodiversity.

ESP 10th World Conference

ESP is happy to announce the 10th conference of our partnership. The anniversary conference will take place in Hanover, Germany – close to the place where the very first ESP conference was held in 2008.

The ESP10 Conference will take place from 21-25 October 2019. The ESP10 conference locations are the Leibniz University for the opening day on Monday, and the Hannover Congress Centre for the rest of the conference.

ICLEI Europe - Financing Greener Cities

"Financing Greener Cities" is a capacity-building event, which will focus on "Strengthening the capacity of local authorities and practitioners for making informed decisions on financing nature-based solutions".

The event takes the shape of an interactive workshop that will increase the participants’ capacity and community development need of financing arrangements for local biodiversity, ecosystem services (ESS) and nature-based solutions (NBS) interventions in response to local urban challenges. "Financing Options for Greener Cities" is developed in close cooperation with ICLEI, EKLIPSE Mechanism and the NATURVATION project.

EUGIC - European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference

EUGIC the European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference is an interactive, inspiring and fun event – celebrating urban greening across Europe and beyond. Short presentations and lots of interactive discussions, workshops, seminars and exhibitions mean plenty of informal knowledge exchange between municipalities, industry, community and academia. Come and share expertise working with nature for climate-adapted, resilient, healthy cities.

European Conference on Innovative Financing for Creating Green Cities

Green cities are healthy, liveable and resilient to climate and water risks. Investing in nature-based solutions helps cities to tackle flooding, heat stress, drought, poor air quality and unemployment, and helps biodiversity to flourish.

Despite increasing awareness of the many benefits of nature-based solutions, barriers to their implementation remain. Obtaining sufficient and long-term financing for their development and maintenance is often a major challenge for city governments.

This exciting conference, organised by GrowGreen, brings together city representatives, investors and business to connect, share experiences and find joint solutions for financing city greening. Interactive workshops offer participants in-depth capacity building on valuing natural assets and mobilising finance for nature-based solutions.

The event is targeting private investors, insurance companies, urban developers, government, urban planners and practitioners, civil society and experts from across Europe and beyond who are interested in accelerating the uptake of nature to increase the resilience of cities.

Implementation of Nature Based Solutions to tackle climate change: Focus on the Mediterranean region

The city of Marseille will be host the workshop "Implementation of Nature Based Solutions to tackle climate change: Focus on the Mediterranean region" on 22-24 January 2019. Organized by Plan Bleu, IUCN Centre for Mediterranean CooperationUICN French CommitteeConservatoire du LittoralTour du ValatMedWET and Wetlands International, this event will gather researchers, practitioners and policy makers of the Mediterranean region and European Union to discuss on the benefits and challenges related to Nature Based Solutions implementation.

This workshop aims to capitalize on the outcomes and lessons learned from projects that are being carried out in the Mediterranean by partners across different ecosystems that vary from coastal ecosystems, forests and urban ecosystems. It also pursues to share European and Mediterranean best practices and challenges in terms of Nature Based Solutions within researchers and wetland managers, to create new collaborations, and to raise the awareness of policy makers on the importance of healthy ecosystems for effective adaptation to climate change, specifically by bringing nature-based solutions into action. 

For more information and to register please visit the official event's website.