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ReNature's Interactive Research & Support Tool

Check out this tool to learn from existing nature-based solutions in the Mediterranean!

Welcomе to ReNature‘s interactive research and support tool! Here, you can find recommendations for choosing the right nature-based solution, based on existing NBS projects / what others have done!

By analysing the data from the ReNature compendium, we have identified the NBS types that are best-suited to addressing the current societal challenges in the Mediterranean.

Instructions: Use the list to select the societal challenge(s) that you want to tackle in your city/area. You will be presented with a list of colour-coded NBS options indicating their suitability (green = high suitability, orange = medium suitability, red = low suitability). Click on an NBS option to view the co-benefits that it offers, as well as links to relevent realised projects in the Renature Compendium.

Please note: Recommendations from the ReNature toolkit may not always present an ideal solution to the challenge(s) that you are trying to solve. The impact of a specific NBS type will differ depending on the local context. For further advice, please contact ReNature’s coordinator Mario Balzan at

The NBS classification system used in this tool comes from Dushkova & Haase (2020).

What problem are you experiencing in you city/area?