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Conservation of maquis vegetation

: 1. Conducting fieldworks in Marmaris region to study woody plant diversity in maquis vegetation. 2. Running lab test with leaf samples of maquis species. 3. Evaluating field data in terms of species richness and diversity and lab results to determine the resilience and resistance of maquis habitats. 4. Working with local foresters, related departments of General Directorate of Forestry, NGOs etc. to highlight the value of maquis vegetation and take actions for conservation strategies. 5. Preparing a technical report to disseminate widely (especially to Mediterranean countries).
: Turkey
: Marmaris, Datça and Köyceğiz, east side
: -
: 131.173
: July 2019
: 18 months (until December 2020)
: Ongoing
: Yes
: İrem Tüfekcioğlu, Çağatay Tavşanoğlu
: 36.8356
: 28.6404
Biodiversity conservation or increased biodiversity
Yes, the outputs of the project will form a framework for a conservation approach for maquis vegetation with forest managers.
Climate action, resilience, mitigation and adaptation (SDG13)
Yes, the analysis of many plant traits in maquis vegetation will provide novel insights on the resilience and resistance of Mediterranean shrubland habitats to the climate change and fire regime changes
Terrestrial biodiversity (SDG15)
Yes, this project will highlight the conservation value of maquis habitats in terms of woody plant biodiversity.
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