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Plantar agua- Forestal restoration of Serra do Caldeirao

: Portugal
: Serra do caldeirao
: 249.633 (PopulationStat, 2019)
: 2019
: 4 years
: Ongoing
: Yes
: ANP|WWF and The Coca-Cola Foundation
: 37.1817
: -7.8399
Increased provisioning of ecosystem goods (e.g. Food, water, etc)
Yes, with the forestal restoration it is estimated a considerable increase in water provisioning such as the recovery of 200-250 million liters of water / Year, a gain of about 20% in the amount of water that will supply the underground aquifers (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Increased infiltration, water retention and flood protection
Yes, recharging the underground aquifers is one of the main objectives of this project. The forest plays a direct role in the absorption of rainwater in the soil and capturing water from the atmosphere. The more moist soil also reduce erosion and runoff. (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Improved water quality
Yes, one of the important estimated benefits of this project is to increase water quantity and improve its quality for all uses and thousands of users (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Reduced drought risk, cooling effect, urban heat island mitigation
Yes, by increasing the potential for carbon sequestration in the biomass of the forestal system (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Biodiversity conservation or increased biodiversity
Yes, due planting more than 50,000 trees and shrubs, removing invasive species and recovery of riparian galleries (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Ecosystem restoration and/or improved ecological connectivity
Yes, one of the aims of this restoration programme is to reverse the degradation of the landscape and ecosystems affected by the fire and to restore its important functions and services through increasing the vegetation cover by planting Mediterranean trees and shrubs (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Increased quality and quantity of green and blue infrastructures
Yes, due recovering the Mediterranean forest and habitats, improving the state of biodiversity and soil protection from erosion and rivers from sedimentation (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Sustainable urbanisation
Yes, the project aims to reverse the degradation of the landscape and ecosystems affected by forest fires and to restore their important functions and services, which are fundamental to the environmental balance and well-being of communities (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Improved aesthetic value
Increased access to green infrastructure
Yes, this action aims to enhance recreation and leisure in the area (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Increased willingness, participation, investment in NBS
Yes, by increasing a more active participation in the preservation of the forest.
Provision of health benefits
Yes, creating a healthier natural environment on 100 hectares of 6 plots affected by forest fires can enhance nature-based tourism and recreation and have a positive effect on physical and mental health (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Education, knowledge exchange and learning
Low provisioning of ecosystem goods (e.g. Water, food)
Yes, there is less quantity and lower quality of water due to the destruction of the forest ecosystem by fires (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Low water quality
Drought and heat risk
Yes, this region is susceptible to forest fire, with this problem exacerbated by long hot summers driven by climate change (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Loss of biodiversity
Yes, large and continuous fires have occurred in this area in recent years, causing loss of biodiversity (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Ecosystem degradation
In 2012, the great forest fire in Catraia devastated 25,000ha of forest in the heart of Serra do Caldeir√£o, in the middle of the Natura 2000 Network. Destruction also included loss of soil, less quantity and quality of water, loss of habitats and biodiversity and losses in communities (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Low availability of green infrastructure
Low aesthetic value
Negative environmental impacts on human health
Yes, one of the Mediterranean population health risks has been associated with increased water demand and forest fires. (Linares et al; 2020).
Limited knowledge about biodiversity
Good health and well-being (SDG3)
Clean water and sanitation (SDG6)
Sustainable cities and communities (SDG11)
Yes, this action aims to restore ecosystem services which are fundamental to the environmental balance and well-being of communities (Associacao Natureza Portugal. s.a.).
Climate action, resilience, mitigation and adaptation (SDG13)
Terrestrial biodiversity (SDG15)
Yes, recent data shows that there is an increasing demand for forest services and products and consequently an increase in harvested forest area over Europe after 2015 has been observed which is driven mainly by the bioeconomy (Ceccherine et al; 2020).