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A roof garden as a community green space in Valletta urban area

: Malta
: Valletta
: population
: 2017
: 3 years
: Ongoing
: Yes
: €8.4m
: Valletta Design Cluster within the Valletta Cultural Agency
: 35.9008
: 14.5137
increased infiltration water retention and flood protection
reduced drought risk cooling effect uhi mitigation
biodiversity conservation or increased biodiversity
increased quality and quantity of green and blue infrastructure
sustainable urbanisation
improved aesthetic value
increased access to green infrastructure
increased willingnes participation investment in nbs
education knowledge exchange and learning
low air quality
drought and heat risk
loss of biodiversity
low availability of green infrastructure
low aesthetic value
lack of local sense of ownership participation
limited knowledge about biodiversity
good health and well being
industry innovation and infrastructure
sustainable cities and communities
climate action resilience mitigation and adaptation